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Config Apk
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App NameConfig Apk 
FeaturesClear cache data, Find the config app, Force restart

It is responsible for installing and uninstalling the applications from the device. It is the app of the device system that doesn’t require any special permission to run on Android. The size of the file is very light weight nearly 20KB and running continuously in the background. It is completely safe and secure from all types of bugs and viruses.

Moreover, it plays a crucial role in packaging and distributing apps. in some cases, it is reported that it drains the battery due to continuously working in the background but it is not confirmed and there is no evidence of so which is why it seems like a rumour. There is no need to pay anything to use it. The use of config ask is 100 % free. You can use it without any worries.  

Config APK on Android

It is a system application package used to install and uninstall apps on Android devices. Although it is responsible for the successful installation of the various apps on Android devices. It is the system app of the Android device. It works automatically on Android devices without getting permission from anywhere.

Config App

Moreover, some Android users claim that it becomes the cause of battery draining and slows down the device. It is a transfer configuration protocol on the Google Play Store. The package name of the app is com. ajc. mobileconfig. you can disable it if it causing any trouble while operating your device.

There is no specific permission is required to run it on your device. Simply phone permission is required to keep it running. You can check it on your Android by following.

Open the settings, tap on the apps, go into the system apps, find the config app, and tap on the permission option.   

How to Disable Config APK?

It is safe and secure from all the bugs. And don’t need to worry about your battery draining and system security. It maintains your device security 100%. You can disable it by following;

  • Go to the settings of the device.
  • Open the app section.
  • See on the top right corner and tap on the 3 vertical lines.
  • Select the option of system apps.
  • Find the config app.
  • Tap on the disable option.
  • Restart your device for better performance.  

Common Errors of Config APK

These are the errors that are reported commonly. It is safe and secure to use but some Android users have reported these;

  • Battery draining.
  • Continuously running in the background.
  • The config app keeps crashing when caching conflicts or corrupt files.

What Should I do if the Config APK Consumes More Device Battery?

If Config APK is consuming excessive battery on your Android device, you can try the following steps to address the issue:

  • Force stop config app
  • Clear cache data
  • Delete unnecessary files and data
  • Check the app updates
  • Monitor the usage of the battery

How to Fix Config APK Errors?

  • Keep your device up to date
  • Clear cache
  • Download the apps from safe sources
  • Always read the app’s permission
  • Must install antivirus apps
  • Enable app verification
  • Force restart
  • avoid downloading apps from links
  • Try to avoid rooting the device
  • Must use strong passwords
Config Apk


It is the built app and the main part of the Android operating system. It helps to Install and uninstall the different apps from the device. The use of the app is completely safe and secure for the device. There are some cases reported by the Android user about it like battery draining or sluggishness of the device. Config APK doesn’t cause any problems, if you are facing some of these then scan your device for possible malware and remove it. In this way, you can fix this problem. You should not delete or disable it. It may affect the performance of your device.   


These are the frequently asked questions related to config apps on Android.

Config APK is the main part of the device operating system and cannot be spyware or malware. If your device is getting slow and your battery draining fast, then you should scan for malware and viruses and fix them to get rid of suspicious applications.  

It is not possible but with the help of root, you can do it. you can delete It. But it is not suggested. If you have an issue with it like draining your device battery, you can disable it rather than deleting or removing it completely. Because sometimes it’ll show some anomalies with your device.

You can remove it by following these steps one after one.

  • Firstly, you’ve to get access root to your device.
  • Download and install the system app remover application.
  • In the app, search the name of the system app like config APK, and select it just by tapping on the checkbox next to it.
  • Tap the button to uninstall the app and delete it from your device.

But it is not recommended, you can disable it rather than deleting it completely from the device.  

No, it is not good to uninstall it. If you are not comfortable with it. You can disable it rather than uninstalling or deleting completely from the device.

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