Kuboom Mod Apk v7.52 (Unlimited Money)2024

Kuboom Mod Apk
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App NameKuboom Mod Apk
FeaturesSimple and Friendly interface, Customization option, Modes of the game

Do you like to play shooting games? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. The interesting thing about this game is you can play with your friends and family members in multiplayer mode. This Kuboom Mod APK unlimited money offers the best PvP mode to their players.

Moreover, there are ultimate battles available in the game that you can play freely. A large range of weapons is available here that you can use and defeat your enemies. Players of modded Kuboom Mod Apk can customize everything in the game free of cost. All the premiums are unlocked in this version of the game.

The graphics of the game attract the players and force them to play the game. You can enjoy the game on different maps it offers more than 20 maps in the game and the versions all are unlocked. There are different modes in the game 3 modes of the game are more entertaining we will discuss them below in detail.

Additionally, the interface of the game is very player-friendly. You can play this game very easily without any training. You can earn unlimited money and coins in the game. Everything is free and unlocked here. The game is free from advertisement so you will not disturb while playing the game.

The genre of the game is action and shooting game. It is published by NOBODYSHOT LTD. It is a lightweight game. Its size is nearly 60MB. So you can play this game on all Android devices.

What is Kuboom Mod APK Unlimited Money?

There are so many shooting games available on the internet but choosing the best one is a difficult task. It is the most played and interesting gameplay. Players can use different weapons in the game. The game is very dynamic and offers exhilarating options. The thrilling actions entertain the players and have a lot of fun.

Moreover, you can enjoy the game with a lot of additional and advanced features. Different maps are available here you can play in these maps. And a lot of weapons that you can use. Its intuitive control gives you a feel of real shooting. All the features are free to use.

Stunning Features of Kuboom Mod APK Unlimited Money

One of the standout elements of the game that grabs everyone’s attention is its features. These features are what make the game more unique and appealing than its competitors. The Kuboom Mod Apk fighting game boasts several interesting features, which are listed below:

Range of Weapons

There are an extensive range of weapons available here. Each weapon has its characteristics and its power. Each weapons contain a different range and power. Players can use them according to their needs. These are the weapons that you can use with the flow of the game;

Kuboom Mod App
  • Rifles
  • Nova
  • Deagle
  • Scar – 20
  • Sniper rifles 
  • Shotguns
  • Other explosive weapons

Simple and Friendly Interface

This game boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate without any interruptions or obstacles. Whether you are a beginner or a newcomer, you can easily play this game. All the options are visible and listed on the home screen, making it easy to select and use them. It is effortless and straightforward to operate.

Customization Option

The customization option of the game is very amazing and unique. Players can customize their characters, skins, weapons, and many others for free. There are more than 45 skins that you can unlock and use them. 100 plus customization options are available for weapons.

Moreover, all customization and upgradation make the game more enjoyable and improve their power and performing ability. By showing your unique style you remain dominant on your competitor.  

Advertisement-Free Kuboom Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Good news for all the pro gamers! You can now access the latest version of this game on all your devices. The updated game offers a seamless shooting experience, without any third-party advertisements. This means that you can enjoy uninterrupted playing, without any distractions. Advertisements are known to be the biggest disturbance while playing any game, and we understand that everyone dislikes them. Our ad-free app guarantees a much more enjoyable shooting experience for you.

Modes of the Game

There are 3 more significant modes in the game. They are given below;

1. Deathmatch

2. Team deathmatch

3. Boom match

These different modes of the game make your game more interesting. Players will never get bored while playing the shooting game in the modes. After selecting the mode players have to choose the arena and start to play. The pro tip for the beginner is to keep saving yourself from the bullet coming from any side.

Realistic Graphics

The quality of graphics in a game can significantly affect a player’s performance and enjoyment. This is particularly true in shooting games, where realistic graphics can assist players in enhancing their skills. Games that showcase highly detailed experienced players, intricate environments, and smooth animations are especially effective in capturing players’ attention and highlighting their personalities.

Kuboom Mod Apk

Dynamic lighting and particle effects can also enhance the visual experience, creating a sense of immersion in the game world. Overall, High-quality graphics can greatly improve the player experience while shooting. And the thing becomes more interesting when the game is a Kuboom Mod Apk unlimited money.  

Various Maps

There are different maps available in the game. More than 20 maps are offered in the game. That includes these;

1. Docks

2. Building

3. Warehouses

4. Forests

To unlock these maps in the official version is very difficult but in the modded version all are free and unlocked. You can explore different maps without paying any real money in the game.

How to Download the Latest Version of the Kuboom Mod Apk Unlimited Money?

If you don’t have to download this stunning app then, you have to follow the following steps one after one to download the latest version of the Kuboom Mod Apk. You can play this game on all the android devices. For the Android user, you have to allow the “unknown sources” from the settings of your device.

How to Download For Android?

Click on the “install” button and you’ll receive a confirmation notification to confirm the installation.

  • Press “yes” to get this game.
  • A file will download on your game.
  • After installation, go to “file manager” and search for the APK file.
  • Open the file and press “install” to continue the process.
  • After that, the game will be downloaded.

Follow the instructions on your screen for signing into the game.

How to Download the Kuboom Mod APK Shooting Game on a PC?

You can also download this application on a PC. For a PC, you have to follow the as

  • Open any browser and download the Blue Stacks program
  • Now open it.
  • Search the game and download it.
  • Go to the list of apps click on this game and install.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and use them after signing up.

Now you can enjoy all the features of this game free of cost.


In the gaming world shooting games always remains in the top priority of all the players. And it is one of them. Players can enjoy the game with their friends and other online players. The control of the game is very sensitive and smooth. Kuboom Mod Apk unlimited money has unlimited ammo, money, and coins. Its game modes engage the players with the game. All the premiums are unlocked in this version. You will enjoy shooting with different maps and advanced and customized weapons. Download the game from our webpage it is a safe source and enjoy your shooting journey.


These are the frequently asked questions related to this game and their answers are also mentioned below.

This game is completely safe and secure, free from all bugs and viruses. You can play it without any worries. You can enjoy it freely. Download the game from the above-mentioned link and enjoy your game.

This game is ad-free, allowing you to fully enjoy your game without any interruptions from third-party advertisements.

Yes, the downloading of the game is free of cost. You don’t need to pay even a single penny to download it. You can download this game from our webpage without paying any money.

No, you cannot, play this game offline. You’ve to connect internet while playing this game.

Yes, you can enjoy this game on your PC. You can download this by following the mentioned method of downloading on a PC. 

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