PUBG Vs Free Fire: Which One is Better?

Do you want to know what is the biggest debate of the era? The debate is which game is best PUBG Vs Free Fire. It is not easy but I’ll try my best to create a difference. Both are royale battle mobile games. For both games, you need a spacious device to play these games. Both games are better but Free Fire is better than PUBG.

These are a few similarities between both games;

  1. Smooth gameplay.
  2. Various maps.
  3. Stunning graphics.
  4. Variety of vehicles.
  5. A lot of guns.
  6. A wide range of characters.

Maps of the PUBG Vs Free Fire

There is a wide range of maps in both games, the meaning of these maps is to entertain you and you will never get bored with a variety of maps. In my opinion, PUBG maps are much richer and enjoyable than Free Fire. And they are also larger in area than Free Fire.

PUBG Vs Free Fire Maps
PUBG MobileFree Fire
ErangelBermunda Remastered

Modes of Pubg and Free Fire

When we are talking about the modes of the games. Both gameplay offers a wide range of modes. But the gaming mode of Pubg mobile is more entertaining. Anyhow, you can make a better decision after playing these games or if you already played both games.

PUBG MobileFree Fire
Arcade ModeClassic
EvoGround Mode Clash Squad
Arena ModeBig Head
Team Death Match 

PUBG Vehicles Vs Free Fire Vehicles

Both games offer a wide range of vehicles. But the collection of Pubg games is much more impressive than Free Fire.

PUBG Vehicles Vs Free Fire Vehicles
PUBG MobileFree Fire
A larger set of vehiclesLess set as compared to PUBG Mobile
All vehicles are unlockedPlayers have to purchase cars and bikes
Water vehicles are also availableWater vehicles are unavailable

In the collection and features of vehicles, my vote is for PUBG Mobile. In the race of vehicles, PUBG mobile is better and more advanced.

Weapons in PUBG and Free Fire

There are so many numbers of weapons allowed in the game. These weapons included guns and other explosive things for the defense and to kill other players.

Weapons in PUBG and Free Fire
PUBG MobileFree Fire
The PUBG offers more than 52 weaponsFree Fire offers nearly 45 different weapons
Variety of throwable weapons like grenades, smokes, Molotov cocktails, and stun grenadesFree fire allowed only grenades as a throwing weapon.
In Pubg there is a different and separate category of weapons like snipers guns, shotguns, LMG, DMR, etc.There is no separate category for the DMRs.

Differences of Characters in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire

There is a great difference between the characters in both games. The characters are the amazing thing that makes the game more attractive and enjoyable. The new version of PUBG is the PUBG: New State.

Differences of Characters in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire
PUBG MobileFree Fire
This game has fewer characters than Free Fire. But not much less.It has a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Pubg characters have no special abilities.It has special abilities and more unique. 
It allows the player’s appearance customization.It has a wide variety of shape and sizes.

In the race of characters, Free Fire is advanced and contains more featured characters. On the other hand, PUBG mobile also has various characters but less than free fire.


One of the best comparison charts is available here. You can find these differences after playing these games. There is no clear answer to the question that which game is better. You can analyze after playing both games and create a difference more efficiently. Both games are available on the Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS users.


No, this game is not available in India but the alternative option battleground Mobile India is available for the players of India. 

The graphics of Pubg mobile are much sharper than Free Fire. The PUBG graphics give a feel of reality. On the other hand, Free Fire has a cartoonish feel and more Fortnite than Pubg.  

The answer is very clear, free fire is the better choice here.

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